CyberGhost VPN Review 2019



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  • Affordable plans
  • Good encryption standards
  • Easy to use
  • Torrenting allowed
  • No leaks detected


  • Security allegations in the news
  • Highly-priced monthly subscription

CyberGhost VPN is a software that was developed by a private company based in Romania that specializes in network security and privacy protection. The VPN software was first released in 2011 and are currently owned by an Israeli company called Kapa Technologies plc. At present, cyber ghost boasts of more than 15 million users.

CyberGhost Interface

cyberghost Interface

The interface used by gives it a significant biggest competitive advantages in the VPN industry. It takes you around 5 minutes to install, launch and implement the Cyber Ghost VPN on your Windows. The ease of installation cuts across all devices based on other users’ feedback.

Contrary to other VPN providers, the usability becomes even better once you launch the software. Cyber Ghost VPN software has a crisp and clean layout that is so straightforward that even a 70-year old person could use it. CyberGhost has reduced the steps required to launch a secured private browser to just one button click. The simplification of the process makes the experience of all users including first-time users that much more accessible since it is easy to understand the features of the software.

The first thing you encounter when you launch the software is a prompt that asks the reason you have for using the VPN. Some of the reasons could be using torrent, to protect Wi-Fi, or to provide anonymity when surfing, among many other reasons. Ghost VPN also allows activation of a new key or upgrading the present account within the custom setting. It is also possible for you to choose the region and IP address you prefer for your secure connection. Multiple advanced settings allow customization of the software further making the interface attractive.

CyberGhost VPN Performance

cyberghost SpeedTest

Determining VPN performance is quite tricky since multiple factors come into play. Although, there are some benchmarking sites like by Netflix and that can be used to test CyberGhost speeds by testing multiple servers. The closest UK servers registered solid and consistent speeds, which is an average of 60Mbps on a 75Mbps fiber broadband connection. All the nearest countries across Europe achieved the respectable speed of 60Mbps. The performance deteriorated as the distance from the server increased. For instance, in Greece and Eastern Europe registered an average speed of between 35Mbps to 40Mbps. Connections from the UK to the US registered an acceptable speed of between 40Mbps to 55Mbps.

The performance was inferior in certain countries that were less common and had longer distanced connections. For example, in Australia CyberGhost secure VPN averaged just 15mbps, and most of Asia averaged speeds of between 10Mbps and 15Mbps. There are a certain location that had a drastic fall in speeds like Chile had an average of 2.4Mbps. The speed tests reflect performance at a single point in time. It is crucial that you test the servers that you will mostly use especially if they are not in Europe or North America.

CyberGhost Torrenting

cyberghost torrent

It is common practice for VPNs to conceal their support for torrents but CyberGhost Secure VPN does not hide the fact. When you launch the program, one of the buttons displayed says ‘Torrent Anonymously.’ When you click start, Ghost VPN will automatically link you to the most suitable server. It is also possible for you to use the CyberGhost program to launch the torrent client or launch your preferred browser in Incognito mode.

The software filters malicious URL by default thus protecting you from unsafe sites. CyberGhost also comes with a handy online tracking blocker. The extra speed option can be enabled to allow connection to the fastest servers. The ‘Torrent Anonymously’ option prompts CyberGhost Secure VPN to block common torrent ports that are in nations that have specific cybersecurity laws. Generally, CyberGhost offers a simple and straightforward method for anonymizing torrent activities.

CyberGhost VPN Servers and Locations

CyberGhost VPN uses more than 1,100 servers available in close to 60 nations. That’s a huge number of servers that allow fast streaming especially when connected to the servers in Canada, Germany, and America. You can play online games minus any obvious lag. The servers maintain a reliable connection when browsing the internet, but it takes much time to link to specific servers when the ‘Choose My Server’ option is enabled. Additionally, there are times when the connection is not established on the first attempt. Luckily, the Surf Anonymously mode does not have a similar issue which makes it a problem for users who want to use specific servers.

In countries like China, the ‘Unblock Basic Websites’ option is used to dodge any Firewalls. You can use CyberGhost in such countries to access blocked websites like Google, Facebook, and YouTube. Unfortunately, the feature does not work in all instances making it unreliable.

CyberGhost Mobile App

cyberghost mobile app

CyberGhost Secure VPN also offers an iOS and Android mobile application. At first glance, the app appears different from the desktop version. When launched, the app opens a slideshow of various options. The app has a menu button at the top left end of the screen where you can modify the settings, access your account, and contact support. Although, once all the configurations have been made, the app takes on a similar appearance to the desktop version. Both mobile and desktop versions offer other services like ad blocking and automatic connection to the default server. The mobile app includes automatic Wi-Fi protection in the setting menu. In general, the mobile app is both straightforward and well-designed making it responsive, smooth, and easy to use.

CyberGhost VPN Pricing

cyberghost pricing

Every CyberGhost customer is given access to all the program’s features. However, you get better value when you purchase a longer subscription. Ghost VPN offers a standard 7-day free trial and 45-day money back guarantee which enables free testing.

Furthermore, provide multiple avenues for making payments depending on the country you are from including using credit/debit card, PayPal, direct debit, or even Bitcoin. It is vital to remember that regardless of how anonymous the payment method, Ghost VON still retains a record of your actual IP address.

Customer Service

The CyberGhost site has been designed to be user-friendly, and the incorporation of the unique ghost logo makes it even more attractive.

The site offers translation to eight different languages making it highly accessible. The site contains abundant information regarding the company and its product. Although, the Help link navigates to the old website which may at first be confusing during navigation. The Help webpage is detailed, but the articles provided discuss the previous free and legacy CyberGhost program. It is likely that most of the information provided is not applicable.

cyberghost verdict

Additionally, the CyberGhost VPN has direct support that works 24/7 through Live Chat that supports English, German, and French. It is highly likely that the support staff are not very technical making it probable that you will be answered later via mail when the questions are too technical. Unfortunately, the redirection to mail introduces the possibility of your issue not being addressed and makes support very slow. Also, when it comes to supporting one user’s experience may differ considerably to the other users contingent on the technicality of the question and the qualifications of the support staff assigned.


CyberGhost secure VPN is one of the better products in the market.  The program boasts of an easy-to-use interface that includes multiple attractive features. The software makes use of very powerful encryption and allows multiple connections up to seven. The fact that the company has its headquarters in Romania and they nearly don’t maintain any user logs makes the software even more appealing.

Overall, Ghost VPN have a superb logging policy, acceptable local internet speeds, and complete featured program which is an appealing amalgamation. Furthermore, the 7-day free premium trial which includes a 45-day money back guarantee without any questions gives the user ample time and space to thoroughly test out the program and determine it is a product they want to invest in the software.

Although, the previous practices of the current owners may cause worry which is justifiable in this situation. Kapa Technologies plc, formerly Crossrider, is known for including malware and other tactical scams in their products. Legally, all VPNs are fraudulent products, and CyberGhost is part of that industry. Therefore, your decision to use the product is a personal choice.