Nord VPN Review 2019



11.95 $







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  • Secure (strong encryption)
  • Great features (including Kill Switch)
  • Works with Netflix
  • Torrenting allowed
  • Double data protection


  • High cost for month-to-month users

With almost every other geek trying the NordVPN we can easily state the fact that the software has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. The software offers VPN service at the cheapest prices out there and users can browse the internet in a secure and anonymous way.

Virtual private networks used by their servers are secure through OpenVPN which is their tunneling protocol with AES 256-bit encryption (in addition to double data protection).

With the current review of NordVPN we’re going to point out 7 reasons why the VPN software is most preferred for internet browsing privacy in comparison to a free VPN networks or proxy.

Why Nord VPN is preferred for secure browsing

Currently NordVPN is probably the most renowned VPN provider and currently it claims to be most secure VPN in the world.

However, being with a few personal tests of the software we’ve found out few pros that are:

  • Strong Add-ons and features
  • Basic IP hiding
  • Access to Netflix
  • 6 real-time connections
  • Double VPN server access that leads to data encryption twice
  • Up to 5100 secure and fast VPN servers across the world
  • Access in 62 countries
  • Some prominent features

nordvpn speed test

Kill-switch: They don’t have two-different kill-switches as a user can easily select whether they can stop a certain application or need to completely eliminate internet connection if they face an unexpected internet dropout. 
DNS leak safety – If you’ve got a manual VPN connection or have just reset Windows, chances for DNS leaks can considerably increase. NordVPN provides measures for protection with which you can simply refute these leaks.

nordvpn reviewsSmartPlay – NordVPN is also integrated with SmartPlay technology which ensures that you’ve got access to more than 400 geo-restricted services for steaming; Amazon Prime, BBC, Pandora, Netflix, etc. This is perhaps the most loved feature by users.

Works well for torrenting – With avaibnlity lot of servers users can easily go well with torrenting and avoiding geo-restrictions on different websites.

No Logging Policy – Many VPN services keep logs while NordVPN does not. They’ve simply stated. They monitor a little data like: Service performance data, Payment data, and Email address.

Server locations and servers

Nord VPN also lets you select from the list of 62 countries, that encompasses from around 5,130 servers according to the latest update. This puts it significantly over other VPN services that have been tested, including private surfing, offering 3,522 servers over 33 countries worldwide.

nordvpn serversMost of NordVPN servers are available across the UK and US, which isn’t uncommon as most VPN service providers. NordVPN like a ibVPN also has other servers across the world as it covers different locations across Eastern Europe, Middle East, South America, Asia and India.

NordVPN also has servers in Russia, Hong Kong and Turkey, despite of these countries having repressive internet policies. Previously the company announced that all its servers can be accessed from China meaning that anyone residing in the country can evade government censorship after linking to an outside VPN server.

According to A NordVPN representative all servers are dedicated and totally none of these are virtually operated servers. By this it means that all servers have the same physical location where they are claimed to be.

NordVPN Pricing

NordVPN is available for Chrome, Android, Firefix, iOS, macOS, Windows and Linux with a lot of handy applications. With NordVPN’s mobile clients you can simply buy full subscriptions by visiting their app stores.

Other than that you can also move on to other routers for linking via NordVPN. While doing so, you get coverage of all devices on networks such as smart home devices that aren’t able to run VPN by their own.

NordVPN is available in four different price categories: The first is available for 11.95 on per month basis, other $83.88 on annual basis and $95.75 for two years, or for $107.55 for three years. Buyers can make payment through PayPal, cryptocurrencies, credit cards and various other online methods for payment. You also get the software with a money back guarantee of 30 days.

With that said you’ll require to buy static IP address that can also be provided by NordVPN with a fee of $70.00.

nordvpn price

NordVPN offers free 3 day trail for years, but still the access is limited and it still has a few limitations. With many pricing options, NordVPN has much above the average pricing, but the package includes additional features, applications and various other core services that suit well considering the price tag. There are also other applications in the market that provide such features but they’re available with higher pricing.