Private Internet Access Review 2019


Private Internet Access was created on the premise of true online privacy and anonymity. While the company is relatively new (formed in 2010), it has built a reputation as one of the handful VPN service providers that guarantee online anonymity by taking advantage of the lack of mandatory laws regarding data retention in the U.S where it is based. Using Private Internet Access VPN service allows you to surf the Web with total peace of mind knowing that your activities are not being logged.

Besides privacy and anonymity, Private Internet Access offers value for money through its range of innovative features and services. If you’re thinking about enlisting Private Internet Access VPN service, here is what you need to know about their basic features.

Subscription Plans

Private Internet Access offers some of the cheapest VPN packages of any company on the Internet. Rates start as low as $6.95 per month for the one-month package, $35.95 for the six months package, and 39.95 for the yearly package. These rates can even go down further when you buy your subscription via a third-part in a promotion.

Any subscription to Private Internet Access VPN gives you access to a secure VPN account, encrypted Wi-Fi, support for P2P and VoIP, and a lot more features.

Private Internet Access also standouts for a range of added features on top of their superb service. These include advanced firewall integration and a self-service client support portal where users can find easy guides to troubleshoot common issues as well as setup their accounts correctly.

Server Locations

Private Internet Access has a number of VPN servers in several countries especially Europe ND North America, including the US, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, and Sweden. This allows subscribers freedom to switch between these servers based on current need. if there is restriction in one country, you can simply connect to another server in a different country and go on normally with your surfing.

Using its Swiss-based servers, Private Internet Access provides subscribers with unmatched levels of privacy and anonymity.


Private Internet Access offers subscribers three VPN protocols to select from regardless of the type of subscription. You can choose from the popular OpenVPN, PPTP, or L2TP/IPSec. The OpenVPN protocol provides up to 1024bit encryption while L2TP/IPSec and PPTP protocols utilize high grade cryptography to guarantee user data protection during transmission online. Protection layers provided include IP cloaking, encryption, firewall, identity protection, and uncensored access.

Customer Support

Private Internet Access really shines when it comes to customer service and support. The company offers a ticketed email system for handling customer issues, in addition to chat support. What’s more, there’s a FAQ section on the Contact Us page of the company’s website where customers can find answers to many common issues they are likely to encounter with the service.

If your top priority for enlisting a VPN service is privacy, you’ll hardly find many companies out there that can match the privacy offered by Private Internet Access. Although it is relatively new, the company competes favorably with the ‘top-dogs’ that have been around for years.

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