Pure VPN Review 2019

Pure VPN Review


10.95 $







Customer support





  • Geographically diverse servers
  • dd-on features like Firewall and dedicated IP
  • Allows P2P and BitTorrent
  • Blocks adds
  • Strong privacy policy


  • Comparatively few servers
  • Unclear where virtual servers are located
  • Unfamiliar legal situation
  • Some features didn't work in testing

PureVPN was founded in the year 2006. It is one of the oldest VPN providers and is owned by GZ systems. The company has greatly expanded to become one of the largest providers of VPN. In the beginning, the company had only two servers but it has now expanded to more than 750 servers in 140 different countries.

pure servers

The headquarters for the company is in Hong Kong which has become an important hub for VPN due to a close relationship with mainland China. The company has cut a niche in the market because it is able to manage and host its own DNS hardware and their network. It is therefore much safer to have your information system with PureVPN than any other ordinary company. The services that the company offers are compatible with major devices including Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, and iOS.

The company allows you to customize the services such that you can work with your routers. The company has embraced technological advancement such that you can be able to use virtual routers which mean that you can be able to use a laptop or a desktop with features like those of a router to connect to more than ten different devices. The company also allows you to determine when to send traffic so that your data can be split as appropriate.

PureVPN Interface

You will need to download the client’s software that is available on the company’s website. The process of installing the software is simple and straightforward. The software has its own installation guidelines that you will need to follow for installation. After successful installation of the client software, you will need to create an account. Alternatively, you can also able to use the information that shall be provided to you via the welcome email. The software will ask you the reason for the VPN and this will help you to get customized services.

PureVPN Interface

Depending on the services that you want to use, you will be able to customize the settings in case you will need it. You will have a menu on the dashboard, world map, and the services that are regarded as latest and greatest. The dashboard offers you the opportunity to select the services that you want based on your location and purpose. The global maps offer you a list of servers while the latest and greatest options offer direct you to the PureVPN blog.

Performance and Reliability

Pure VPN has software that performs a great job. Their overall performance is faster as compared to the same services offered by other companies. It is important for you to know that the test done on performance and reliability indicates that their software is faster reliable.

The company manages its VPN as it should and their servers are properly maintained so that you will not have to worry about the speed and reliability. Tests have indicated that the ping time for PureVPN increase by 200 domestically and 287.2 internationally. This, therefore, means that you will have reduced time to download.

Pure VPN services are reliable and you can rely on them, for playing video games while connected. It is possible for one to stream some sites Up to 1080P without any issue with buffering. The servers also allow you to connect and disconnect with ease. Most of the time, connecting and disconnecting takes up to a minute but on rare occasions, this time may be prolonged and this may require you to try a different server.

Netflix and PureVPN

PureVPN Netflix

Pure VPN is not a perfect option for Netflix. Most of the streaming sites tend to block VPN traffic because it is possible for the user to spoof or hide their location. If you are using Netflix to stream, the app will be able to detect that you are using VPN and therefore the streaming will be blocked. It is even more disappointing when using the Pure VPN’s streaming mode. Netflix does not just block streaming from PureVPN but it also blocks streaming from many other VPN companies.

This is an issue of concern considering how VPN prides itself as being able to stream anywhere in the world. Most of the VPN are not able to work with Netflix as it fights on day to day. This includes Pure VPN that does not allow you to stream because of being blocked. It is important to note that Netflix Company does not prevent the use of VPN but rather it has a dim outlook of their use.

According to the policy of the company, it has the right to use its technology to locate where you are streaming from. This content can only be available in the primary country from where you come from. When PureVPN block the location of the customer, Netflix, therefore, blocks them from getting the content.

PureVPN Servers and Server Locations

The company has adequate servers more than 750 distributed in 140 countries. However, most of the countries globally have virtual servers’ services. Though the selection for the company is not that long as compared to other companies such as express, it is enough to give its customers satisfaction. Pure VPN like a SaferVPN allows the user to have a choice of the servers that they want to use and they’re making it easy for the customers. The servers also allow you to choose some specific cities as your favorite so that you can have easy access.

Mobile App

PureVPN does not offer friendly user experience with mobile apps like that of other providers. The setup is cumbersome and the process of changing servers becomes a challenge, unlike other providers. However, the mobile app has undergone some modification and this may help to improve the experience. One of the prominent app’s features is the gravity that is a beta feature that comprises several servers. The app also has smart connect where you will be connected to the server within a single click and the Ozone which protects you from viruses, ads, and malware.

Pure vpn Mobile App

PureVPN Price

Unlike other providers of VPN, the company does not offer any free version. This is not all bad because most of the free versions that are available from other companies do not have the features that you will need. The company has one paid plan which has varied prices depending on how long you intend to use the services. The company offers a number of payment options such as credit cards, Alipay, PayPal, coin payment platforms and gift cards. The services will be terminated after the end of the duration for which you paid. However, you can opt to subscribe for a longer period since it is much cheaper as compared to subscription for a short period. For instance, you will have to pay for $ 10.95 per month while the monthly cost for two years reduces significantly to $ 2.88 per month. You will save a great deal if you subscribe for a longer period. The company also allows you to subscribe for two days as the last option at a cost of $ 2.5. Therefore there is flexibility in the subscription method of payment.

PureVPN Price

Customer Support

The company has a 24/7 live customer service. There is a chat box where you will post your question and receive an answer to your query. The support team, however, may not respond to your query not unless you have bought an account. Any question regarding the reviews may require that you buy an account get a response.

pre vpn support

This may leave you wondering whether there is an automated chat or their customer care agents are poorly trained. This is because at times they seem not to answer your questions as asked. Some of the questions that you post on the live chat might take a long time before they can be answered and maybe the response will not be directly answering your questions. The response is not instantaneous and therefore you may have to wait a little while before you get an answer to your question.


Pure VPN has several pros over their competitors. First, the company has good speed. One can be able to download and play video games without any problems. However, this speed may depend on your location since in places it is faster while in other places it is much slower. There is also appropriate secure securing information from the customers. When using PureVPN you will be able to hide your data including your location which is a good security feature. However, this feature is a disadvantage when using Netflix because your streaming will be blocked because the company has the right to collect your location. Though the support is not perfect it helps you with our questions that might be having in regard to its products, the company has unlimited bandwidth and therefore a person will is able to work without any problem.

There are also a few cons in regard to the services. There is zero logging.  The company does not offer any free services from its products. You must create an account and log in for you to be able to use its services. Some other companies such as express offer their customers some services for free even if not full range. For you to log in you must first pay. The refund process is also flawed and complicated. It will take a long time before you receive your money. The downloading speed of PureVPN is lower while compared to some non VPN applications. This puts it at a disadvantage. The network is strong in some cities such as New York but as you move to London, the speed of the internet falls and this may require you to have at least two reconnections. Therefore customers will not enjoy the same speed but the speed will depend on your location.