StrongVPN Review 2019


StrongVPN is one of the oldest VPN providers on the market and it is considered one of the leading VPN providers around. StrongVPN is a product of continuous technological innovation and dedication to the provision of Internet solutions right from 1995. StrongVPN is especially renowned for its excellent customer support as well as its global approach to securing Internet connections.

That Said, StrongVPN may better suit certain customer needs and not others. So if you want to know whether this is the service provider you need, read the following review.


Currently, StrongVPN runs more than 450 servers in 20 countries around the world. At their main headquarters in California, the company has got 150 VPN servers there while the rest are spread in different locations around the world. Moreover, the company keeps adding more servers as the need arises. It is these servers that support the thousands of IP addresses that customers connect to for anonymity.

Protocols, Features, and Supported Devices

StrongVPN offers a number of attractive features that make it compete favorably with the best. The company’s service supports almost all major operating systems for both desktop and mobile. Supported operating systems include Windows XP/Vista/8, Windows Mobile, iMac OS/X, Linux, Ubuntu, iOS-powered devices, and Android.

Another great benefit of StrongVPN is that it allows subscribers to connect multiple Internet-enabled devices with a single account. However, only one device will connect to the Internet at a time. When switching to another platform, you have to disconnect the VPN account.

With StrongVPN, there’s special client software to setup. Instead, subscribers are given some configuration settings to setup the connection via their LAN and the process is not that complicated.

The service supports three VPN protocols including OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP. However, PPTP and Open VPN are offered on different packages. This means that when a subscriber wants to switch between the two protocols, they have to upgrade or downgrade to another plan that supports the protocol they want.

The major limitation with StrongVPN subscription is that you are allowed a maximum of five IP changes per month. Users have to pay additional charges for going beyond that monthly cap.

Pricing Plans

StrongVPN offers subscription plans based on protocol. For instance, the PPTP protocol has several plans priced differently according to features that come with each. The Lite package offered at $7 is the cheapest and gives users access mainly to US based servers with a maximum of 15 IP switches. The Standard package at $12 per month allows for 20 IP switches maximum. The Ip switching limit increases with each subsequent package.

The same packages are offered on the Open VPN protocol as well with added features. The Premium package offered on both protocols is the most expensive package because it comes with unlimited features.

In case you’re not sure which package suits you, try out the service with the one-month money-back guarantee offer.

Overall, StrongVPN provides great service for secure Internet browsing, access to restricted websites, and privacy. However, it limits users on the number of IP switches they can make in a month, so weight your needs and options to determine whether this is something you can stand.

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