Unblock Facebook in Uzbekista

Unblock Facebook

Despite claims that the Uzbekistan government supported citizens’ desire to access the internet freely and without control, this has been far from the case, and the country has experienced prevalent internet censorship. Facebook is one of many sites that have been affected, although intermittently, and finding a way to unblock Facebook in Uzbekistan requires going around the country’s censorship grid entirely.

FacebookInternet censorship in Uzbekistan really began to become a prevalent issue during the Arab Spring, a term that refers to widespread protests and demonstrations occurring throughout the Arab world. Like many other countries, the Uzbekistan government was concerned at the ability of Facebook to share large amounts of information fast, and it believed that the site could be used to stir up rebellion within its own borders.

The country is currently considered to be one of the Enemies of the Internet, an annual list released by Reporters without Borders that lists the countries that have the strongest restrictions on internet use. This provides a strong indication that censorship is likely to remain prevalent in Uzbekistan for quite some time, and that users need to find a way around it, as restrictions may well increase.

Another related matter of concern is how much the Uzbekistan government is monitoring the online activities of its citizens. All internet provided is Uzbekistan already have to provide the government with information about any content that is considered to be suspicious that is being mass mailed.

This is concerning, because it implies that internet service providers are watching the online activity of users. Furthermore, the terminology of this requirement is vague, which leaves it open for interpretation by both the government and internet service providers.

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Connect To Social Media Getting around both of these problems can be achieved in the same way. This is by using a VPN to make it seem like you are not in Uzbekistan, and also to protect your online activity from prying eyes. A VPN works by connecting you to a remote server somewhere else in the world.

The location of the server is entirely up to you, and it is something you might want to put some time and research into. Most VPN services will let your change your VPN server regularly, which allows you to appear to be in different countries. Because you don’t look like you are in Uzbekistan anymore, you have found a way to unblock Facebook in Uzbekistan, without compromising your online safety or privacy to do so.

Unblock Facebook in Uzbekista

Unblock Facebook in Uzbekista

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