VeePN VPN Review 2019


Recent trends show that people all over the world are becoming more concerned about the data they put online, and how search engines, businesses, and social media websites handle that data. A series of big leaks has proven that your online profile has already become as valuable as both your ID and credit card combined.

How one can protect their data without becoming paranoid any opting out of every online service with cookies? Humanity and the Internet are inseparable now and suggesting someone to stop using it so no one would see their data is a little bit native, to say the least. Luckily, security solutions are developing alongside with the surveillance and spying malware.

VPN – an Ultimate Security Tool for Casual Users

So, what can protect your online data sufficiently well, but still be simple enough for a casual Internet user? The answer is simple – a good VPN! VPN stands for virtual private network. It is a secure tunnel between your device and the service’s server, which then connects to the WWW. Thus, all your data is protected.

At first setting up a VPN required substantial technical knowledge, so mainly only programmers and digital pirates used it. However, with the rise of privacy concerns VPNs gradually became less complicated and more user-friendly, until they reached a nearly one-tap control. Now nearly everyone can enjoy free and unlimited Internet access with 100% data security if they decide to invest in this a little.

In this review, I would like to present you such a simple, yet efficient service that can solve all your security-related worries at once. Meet VeePN, one of the best VPN services out there for content streaming, data security and anonymous Internet browsing. Let’s have a look at where can you get it and how to use the service.

How to Use VeePN: Downloading and Setup



If you’ve set your mind up to protect your personal data from now on, follow these simple steps to get the VeePN app:

  1. Go to their website,, and click on the “Apps” tab. Choose the device you want to protect from the drop-down list.
  2. Download the app, open it on your device and proceed to install it, following the instructions. In case you have some questions about the setup, you can always refer them to the support team, which is on 24/7.
  3. Launch the app after it has been installed. In some cases, it may auto-launch, so you just need to wait a couple of seconds after you have pressed the “Finish” button. Of course, it depends on the type of the device you are using. 

When the app starts, you will see the main screen with a big white Connect button at the center, your current VPN status (on or off), and the server location you will connect to. Let’s have a look at how the app operates and check out some basic functions.



  1. To connect to the server network, press on the big white button at the center. After a while, it will change to white-green, and your status will read, “VPN is On.” Now you are connected to the random location, which is displayed in the location bar below.
  2. To change the location, click on the location bar with a country name and a flag on it. In the window that opens, you will see the whole list of available locations. Start typing a country name in the search bar above for quick search. You can also mar a location as a favorite by tapping on the star sight on the right, so you can find them faster.
  3. To disconnect, simply press the central button and wait for the status change to “VPN is Off,” and the button turns completely white again. Remember that now your information is not protected anymore.

How VeePN Will Help Me Protect My Data?

When you are surfing the web unprotected, your real IP is visible online. What does this mean? After acquiring your IP, government agencies, websites and hackers can also get the following information, based on their purposes:

  1. Your real name and location.
  2. Your browsing information.
  3. Your financial and other confidential data.

Of course, the way third parties handle your personal information depends on their aims. However, do you want anybody know this information except for you? Especially considering the fact that the more a hacker knows about you the easier it is to guess your password, blackmail you and steal your accounts. 


As for the government agencies, they often spy on their citizens by watching their online activity to monitor the beliefs and moods. Sometimes what you search or like on the web can get you in real-life troubles, if you live in a state where citizens freedom is limited.

Also, marketers and advertising agencies follow you around online to get a better understanding of your taste and send you more effective ads. Overall, going into the web unprotected is a bad idea, which can result in everything from a couple of annoying ads to identity theft and major financial losses.

Final ThoughtsVeePN is an easy and fast way to protect your privacy and anonymity without losing the quality of the connection. This one-click solution will help you take care of all the necessary privacy issues while enjoying the blazing fast connection and unlimited bandwidth.

With VeePN you can be sure that your private information stays private, and no one is watching you “behind the back.” Download the app, and surf the web safely covered from now on.

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